Student Testimonials

Student Stories

Name: Hemal Mansoor

Country: Oman

I have had a fantastic experience here. When I came here I could not speak much English, but now with the help of the great teachers and staff, I can speak. I have learned a lot. I have enjoyed it here so much. I have met so many people from around the world. I would recommend this program to other students. The campus is nice and it is so close to Kuala Lumpur. Kajang is a great city as well.

Name: Kar Ye

Country: China

I am so glad that I attended the Inter-Link Language Centre. I enjoyed and benefited from the educational and cultural program. It gave me the knowledge and confidence that I needed to succeed in studying in the Malaysia and adjust to living here. The program helped me to improve my English, so I was ready for the college program that I was going to attend in the Malaysia.  I also learned a lot about the Malaysia culture which prepared me to live with my Malaysia host family. The teachers and staff gave me a lot of encouragement and support to make this big transition.  Thank you ILC!

Name: Chaoxiang Honghui, Director of Business Deveploment OT Optimization

Country: China

"Dear Steven, I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service your school provides. When I have visited your school, I can see your high quality service for the students. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. My students are delighted at great service you and your staff provide. I have recommended your school to others because of our satisfaction with your service. I look forward to doing business with you for years to come. Best Regards,”

Name: Muhammad Aizat Bin Ramlee

Country: Malaysia

I really appreciate the Ilc and the...attendance policy. This makes students take the responsibility to learn. The teachers and students are very friendly regardless of culture differences. The Ilc is a good place for international students to improve their English proficiency.

Name: Farah Cahaya

Country: Indonesia

Studying English at ILC was an amazing opportunity for me. It's not only about learning English but also networking since the students come from all over the world. I got more than I expected.