Our Service

University Placement Services

We are in collaboration with more than 200 ivy colleges and universities in Malaysia and around the world which provide opportunity for all our students to further their education career in their prefer study destination and in one of the best universities around the world.

Professional & Qualified Teachers

Regardless of the program you choose to pursue, ILC’s teachers are more than experienced and qualified to provide quality instruction and ensure that you get the best results possible from your stay in Malaysia.

Support Student Visa Processing

Visa applications can be challenging and stressful but at ILC, we have qualified immigration advisors on hand to help you gather all of your documents and submit them to immigration on students’ behalf to make student visa processing more smoother and easier for all our students.

Suitable Accommodation For International Students

ILC’S student advisors are well-equipped to help students find the perfect accommodations that suits all of their preferences.

Study English and other language courses in ILC

ILC is passionate about helping students achieve the best results and we strive to help you accomplish that in as short a time as possible.

Our instructors are committed to walking each student through their journey whether they are taking an English course or any of the other language courses we offer. we are dedicated to help each student proficiently command their language of choice.

ILC-Better your language skills, build your confidence!

Language is the one aspect of life that connects us all. Whether you speak English or Mandarin, being able to communicate effectively with other people is key to build good relationships, landing that dream job or just getting around life in general.

ILC is the perfect place to sharpen your language skills. With a wide range of courses on offer, ILC was established to make language learning easier, more convenient and fun for everyone.