Primary School Level English

ILC is no just a centre for adults or adolescents. We cater for young children too, specifically primary school children who are looking to learn the English language to help better prepare them for the future. By taking this course, your child can not only build their language skills but, they can also learn to become more confident in real life conversations.

Our primary school level English course mainly caters for children who are either currently studying or planning to study at any primary school here in Malaysia or those who are simply visiting with their parents and wish to advance their skills further before returning to their home country.

Our teachers are well-equipped to provide stimulating and engaging lessons that will help your child better develop and advance to more experienced course levels. Through our interactive lessons that focus on each individual child progressing as quickly as possible, they will develop reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. Our curriculum is made up of the following lessons that are designed to help you child better their English :

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Language Integrated Learning
  • Pronunciation
  • Content
  • Creative Arts
  • YLE exam practice
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One of the most important aspects of learning English is literature. It is essential to help children become confident writers and readers in addition to improving their creative and grammar skills. We have tasked multiple proficient readers to work with each child in order to help them better their reading and conversational skills while also learning to apply lessons to real life scenarios.

We have also adopted a pronunciation program that is commonly taught in government schools across Australia to help learners understand English spelling, tones and letter writing. Beginning with visual words, each lesson will progress efficiently, ensuring that each child fully comprehends course material before progressing.

Below is a breakdown of our course and the lessons we offer :

  • We dedicate 1 hour per day for Content Language Integrated Language (CLIL) through subjects that include Geography, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education and ICT.
  • There are 3 Creative Arts classes each week. These cover dance, song, music, visual art and drama.

In addition to the above lessons, we also include YLE exam samples to help any children who plan on sitting for the exam at some point. ILC is also prepared to help you child take the exam with the help of our partners.

Regular Assessment

Because we care about the progress of your child, we carry out regular assessments to determine how well each child is advancing. Each week-end, students are rated out of 5 stars based on their performance in writing, speaking, reading and listening. No to worry, ILC’s assessment is not designed to demotivate your child but rather, offer them encouragement and help them out in areas they are struggling. In addition to this, our teachers provide students with 7 to 10 personal goals that children should aim to achieve. This way, each child can monitor their own progress and motivate themselves to succeed.

Business English 1


Read about daily routines of other children.

Business English 1


Write basic sentences describing my daily routine.

Business English 1


Listen and understand key information and draw lines between corresponding objects.

Business English 1


Talk about my Personal possessions.

Lesson Plan


General English

Language Development

Preparation for Cambridge English

Young Learners: Movers


Phonics and Pronunciation

Story Telling

English story time and Literature

Creative Arts

Creative Arts (Arts / Music / Drama)


Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)





Describing personal possessions. Identify the objects in your backpack.


Part 1: Match names outside a picture with the people that are inside a picture


Reading aloud to children prepositions and locating key objects


Maths - Numbers 1





Using prepositions to describe the location of objects


/I/ (as in 'kitten') Spelling

Creative Art

My Bedroom (drawing / collage)


Geography - Countries





Reading focus; information about joining a club and learning new activities


Part 2: Answer questions about a place, trip, party etc.


Reading aloud to children with a focus on time expressions.


The importance of helping the Environment.





Tell the time and functional language expressions


Phonics: /D/ (as in 'dog') Spelling.

Drama & Acting

Drama: Role Play - What time does ….?


Science 2: Biology - the Human Body 1 (internal organs)




English studies in Malaysia

If you are planning to pursue your education in Malaysia, we recommend taking the English for primary school to get a basic start before choosing other courses such as English for high school and Cambridge English- YLE (Flyer)


I am so glad that I attended the Inter-Link Language Centre. I enjoyed and benefited from the educational and cultural program. It gave me the knowledge and confidence that I needed to succeed in studying in the Malaysia and adjust to living here. The program helped me to improve my English, so I was ready for the college program that I was going to attend in the Malaysia.

Kar Ye,China.

Course Description

Course Duration

20 weeks per level ( 3 Levels available)

Hours Per Week

8 hours in-class and 4 hours in drama, creative art and more other activities.

Time Table

Monday to Friday8.30 to 12.30pmEvening & weekend classes are available


Monday to FridayTwo age group (6-7 & 8-11)

Entry level


Basic, YLE - Starter


EFPS 1, YLE - Mover


EFPS 2, YLE - Flyers