Language is the one aspect of life that connects us all. Whether you speak English or Mandarin, being able to communicate effectively with other people is key to build good relationships, landing that dream job or just getting around life in general.

Our Approach

The most important aspect of our courses is the learning process. We know that humans are incredible beings, capable of retaining vast amounts of information that is useful to propelling themselves and general society forward for a better future.

Why choose ILC?

From our reputable teaching techniques to our teachers who possess more than a decade of experience, ILC is a premium centre for learning English, no matter what level you are. We are committed to helping you succeed our curriculum more than proves are passion for academic quality.


ILC has representatives on hand who will provide all necessary assistance with clearance at the airport, pickup and transportation to your host family.


Students travelling to Malaysia will require valid health insurance before entering the country. This is covered in ILC’s tuition fees and we also have handy advisors who will walk through claims process should you find yourself in such a scenario.


Malaysia has multiple banks that you can open accounts with and ILC’s advisors are more than happy to help you out with the process.


Regardless of the program you choose to pursue, ILC’s teachers are more than experienced and qualified to provide quality instruction and ensure that you get the best results possible from your stay in Malaysia.

Classroom Technology

Every classroom has an interactive SMART board.Your teacher will use the SMART board so you can learn with interactive, multimedia content.

Extra activities

From social gatherings to class trips, our ILC advisors make a point of organizing regular fun activities for students to take part in. Whether you wish to go to a movie or take a tour of a local museum, our staff is there to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

University Placement Services

For students looking to pursue higher education both in Malaysia and abroad, we have counsellors on hand who are fully acquainted with multiple colleges and universities. They are qualified to help you choose the program of your choice, apply and maintain constant communication with the university to help make the process a lot smoother.


Visa applications can be challenging and stressful but at ILC, we have multiple advisors on hand to help you gather all of your documents and they can talk with immigration officers on students’ behalf to make student visa processing more smoother and easier.


ILC’S student advisors are well-equipped to help students find the perfect accommodations that suits all of their preferences. Each one of our centres has partnered with nearby apartment, buildings etc. to offer affordable and convenient accommodation for each student.