Our Approach

ILC teaching methods :

The most important aspect of our courses is the learning process. We know that humans are incredible beings, capable of retaining vast amounts of information that is useful to propelling themselves and general society forward for a better future.

Our mission is not only to help beginners efficiently learn a new language but, to help skilled linguists fine tune their skills. Our teachers are adequately trained to provide professional and informative guidance in a friendly and unbiased manner. We prioritize interaction between student and teacher and tend to lean more towards the basic question and answer format. This method is designed to allow teachers to better assess where the student is having difficulties so they can help them out until they are more confident and comfortable enough to advance with the lesson.

Without intimidating students, our teachers will provide regular grammar and pronunciation corrections and will work diligently to improve students’ accents and tones in the shortest time possible. As the course advances, students will become more confident and should feel better equipped to handle real life situations that tend to be more stressful and not quite as predictable as sitting in a classroom with a teacher.

Understanding our methods :

We strongly advise all of our incoming students to familiarize themselves with our teaching methods before they enroll in any of our courses. We have compiled the following tips to help you better understand how we operate and we welcome students to contact our centre should they have any queries or simply request to discuss our courses in greater detail.

Be open minded

It’s not uncommon for students to approach a course with preconceived notions about how the program works and how the centre operates. While we appreciate helpful feedback, we do encourage our students to be open minded and to embrace our techniques as much as they can before coming to any quick judgements. Each learning centre is different and the team at ILC has worked very hard to create the very best programs .

Be prepared for the all-important first lesson

In any life scenario, the first step is always the hardest and this is true for our courses here at ILC. It’s quite common for students to struggle on their first day and our teachers understand how intimidating it can be, especially for novices. We encourage all of our students to relax and take each day as it comes. Our teachers are qualified professionals who will help you through every obstacle and the centre offers plenty of assistance for students feeling overwhelmed. There is no reason for you to give up on the first day.

Master the secret to success: ‘Repetition’

As basic as it may sound, repetition is a tried and tested means to better retain information and improve your skills in any circumstance. Think of it like a sport…the more you practice, the better you become! Our students are encouraged to revise each lesson and go through every step they have learnt in order to get better and progress through the course smoothly.


Fear and anxiety are quite common in many learning environments and if not controlled, they will get the better of you and stint your progress. ILC encourages all students to release their fear and pay little attention to trivial mistakes and obstacles. This applies especially to beginners who might feel under pressure to be perfect. Each student’s journey is different. Never compare yourself to others and never fear that you teacher might punish if you get something wrong. Relax, distress and enjoy the experience as much as you can.

Improve your reflexes

Again, we are going to stress the importance of repetition and revision when you are learning languages. This is guaranteed to improve your reflexes and allow you to speak, read and write without putting a lot of mental effort into it.

Our go to learning technique

We are committed to making learning easier and more convenient for our students which is we regularly employ our go to learning technique: Ear-mouth-eye-hand. Similar to how children are taught languages, we teach our students to listen to language before they proceed to speaking, reading and eventually, writing it.

Children are masters of imitation and often reiterate the sounds and tones they hear around them. This is how accents are naturally passed from parent to child or even teacher to student.

By applying this technique to all of our courses, we are guaranteed more effective results. As mentioned before, the only way you can succeed and more forward without difficulty is if you practice as much as possible and you let your fears and anxiety go. At ILC, we understand that a lot of our students, especially fully-grown adults are likely to find this difficult which is why we have teachers on hand to help each student practice .

Revise to improve your memory

Unlike a lot of learning centres that are primarily result-driven, here at ILC, we believe the learning process is more important. Without the proper techniques, it is harder to get good results. Something a lot of students struggle with is poor memory and when that is coupled with boredom, it’s very likely for the entire learning process to be slowed down. Our teachers are more than prepared to help students overcome their boredom and they are patient enough to walk you through the tedious process of improving your memory.

Our special offer

Before you invest in any of our courses, you are more than welcome to visit ILC and take a tour of our centre free of charge. Included in the tour will be a few sample lessons by our teachers that will help you get a better glimpse of what we have to offer.