IELTS Examination Preparatory

As alternative to the TOEFL, students looking to pursue higher education in various English-speaking nations that include USA, Malaysia and Australia are mandated to take IELTS test. This course is designed to help adequately prepare you to successfully score high mark that guarantee enrolment into top colleges and universities around the world.

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and it required by many English-speaking institutions to get an idea of how proficient future students or employees are in English. Many institutions will allow you to take the IELTS or the TOEFL and usually only require results from either one in order to accept you.

Our course aims to help students develop the following key skills :

  • Writing- forming grammatically accurate sentence structures and efficiently arranging word content.
  • Speaking- proper pronunciation of words and confident expression of opinions and ideas.
  • Reading- understanding both basic and advanced English words and sentences in addition to charts and graphs.
  • Listening- accurately picking up tones, accents and proper word structures in addition to being able to efficiently take notes and weed out specific .

At ILC, we understand that the key to passing the IELTS test is being able to fully grasp just how the entire exam is structured. We are committed to helping you accomplish that and we will provide sample tests to help with revision and general preparation. In addition to that, we will also help students better manage their time to ensure that they complete each section of the exam.

For learners unfamiliar with how the IELTS exam works:

  • Candidates are graded from 1.0-9.0.
  • A 1.0 score is for non-English speakers and a 9.0 is for expert English speakers.
  • In order to successfully apply to most institutions, students will need a score of at least 6.0.

What you’ll get out of this course :

Our IELTS preparation course is designed to help you build strategies to better approach the exam. Our aim is to ensure that you fully understand the general exam structure and what it takes to pass the exam regardless of your reasons for taking the IIELTS exam.

Business English 1


Develop skills to quickly pinpoint answers in reading exercises.

Business English 1


Analyse and respond to both parts of the IELTS writing test in an hour.

Business English 1


Get use to IELTS question types for IELTS listening part.

Business English 1


Build inner boldness to complete the speaking section of the IELTS exam.

Lesson Plan


Grammar & Vocabulary

Personal interests/ Sporting Activities

Reading Skills Focus


- Learn how to speed read

- Dealing with different tasks types

- Skimming & Scanning

Writing/ Skills Focus

Introduction to the writing exam:

- What is the IELTS writing exam

- Testing taking tips

- Achieving the maximum number of words

- Presenting your writing well

Speaking/ Listening Skills Focus

English story time and Literature


Self-Accessing Learning Centre


Practise paragraph writing



Self-Accessing Learning Centre

OptionalSpecial focus class
Grammar & Vocabulary

- Present tenses - Simple continuous

Reading Skill Focus

- Dealing with unfamiliar

- Task approach: matching

- Sentence Completion

Writing Skills Focus

Describing Trends

- Line graphs

- Examining the axes

- Interpreting data

Speaking/ Listening Skill Focus

Part 1 Discourse skills for talking about yourself

- Presenting yourself

- Relationships


- describing/ using nouns & phrasal verbs




Grammar & Vocabulary

Feelings & personal states

Reading Skills Focus

Parallel expression

Grammatical dues

Task approach: forming a general picture

Writing Skills Focus


Formal vs informal

What to avoid

The passive

It constructions academic vocabulary:

Adjectives ending in

Word partners

Speaking/ Listening Skills Focus

Part 2 - Discourse - Skills for talking about a topic - monologue

Keeping going

Describing places



Self-Accessing Learning Centre


Special Focus Class

AfternoonGrammar & Vocabulary

Present tenses - Time expression/ phrases

Reading Skills Focus

Scanning for specific informationMatching multiple choice

Writing Skills Focus


Stating purpose in a letter Requesting information in a letter

Speaking /Listening Skill Focus

Part 3 - Discourse Skills for talking about opinions and thinking

Personal priorities

Comparing and contrasting


Grammar & Vocabulary


Reading Skills Focus

Summary completion

Distinguishing fact from opinion

Writing Skills Focus

Writing exam practice & feedback

Speaking/ Listening Focus Skills

Exam practice part 1, 2, & 3


Self-Accessing Learning Centre


Write complex sentences using advanced vocabulary


English courses in Malaysia

If you are looking to study English here in Malaysia then our ILC course should more than adequately prepare you for it. We have teachers who are well-equipped to help you build the necessary skills to pass the IELTS exam.


I wanted to pursue my study in higher institution in Malaysia but I did not have IELTS score yet.Then my cousin told me about Inter-Language Centre , today I never regret coming to ILC because I was able to improve on my English language skills together with my accademic skills .The Academic Program is one of the first steps for students who want to study in university/college like me. The teacher also is very good with thier strong knowledge in many fields. I learned a lot not only from the teachers but also from my classmates. I always introduce this program for my friends and family.

Nabulungi Balondemu,Uganda.

Course Description

Course Duration

10 weeks per level (2 levels available)

Hours Per Week

20 hours in-class and 5 hours of supervised study in Self-Accessing Learning Centre

Time Table

Monday to Friday10 to 2.30pmEvening classes available

Entry level


IELTS Level 1: Upper-intermediate, PET, EFAP 1,IELTS 4.5, TOEFL 53

Outcome: 5.0 to 5.5


IELTS Level 2: Pre-Advanced, FCE, EFAP 2,IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 65

Outcome 6.5 and above

Placement text is available to determine right level to start.