Why choose ILC ?

Premium centre for English lessons

From our reputable teaching techniques to our teachers who possess more than a decade of experience, ILC is a premium centre for learning English, no matter what level you are. We are committed to helping you succeed our curriculum more than proves are passion for academic quality.

Trustworthy teachers

Not just another learning centre, ILC has partnered with only the best teachers who are equipped with years of experience and skills that set them apart from any other learning centre. Each one has taken an oath to provide professional, unbiased and balanced lessons that cater to students’ needs and help them become the success they are destined to be.

Greater focus on students

ILC is dedicated to placing great focus on students and their needs. No matter what language or level you are pursuing, we will ensure that from the day you sign up till your graduation, we are by your side each passing moment.

University application assistance

In addition to facilitating quality language learning, ILC also offers university bound students assistance through counselling and one on one guidance. Be it a local university here in Malaysia or an international institution, ILC is here to help make the entire process a lot smoother.

State of the art curriculum

We have dedicated years to conducting in-depth research on various language courses as well as real experiences inside language course classrooms and we have managed to create our own, state of the art curriculum that is guaranteed to place students on the same levels as their international counterparts. From job applications to day-to-day communication, our curriculum is designed to equip you with the necessary tools to succeed in any aspect of life.

Customized courses

Whether you are an individual looking to brush up on your language skills or a corporate organization looking to train your employees, ILC is more than qualified to tailor courses to suit your requirements. To top it off, each enrollee is allowed to set their own course duration, objectives and much more to ensure that they get exactly what they are looking for.

Incredible location

If you looking for a learning centre that is located in an ideal area then look no further than ILC. We are 20 mins drive away from heart of Kuala Lumpur with spectacular views that include the KLCC Twin Tower which is located not to far away from our centre.