Student Testimonials

Student Stories

Name: Kwame Idoma

Country: Ghana

Initially I wanted to learn basic Arabic but the quality of teaching in an easy-going manner has allowed me to progress rapidly to some advance areas. My Arabic teacher in ILC is patience has allowed me to develop an understanding of some of the complex areas of grammar. His encouraging style makes it easy to build a rapport. Furthermore his flexibility means that I can fit in my classes around my work and family commitments.

Name: Lee Far Ken

Country: Malaysia

Very professional and high-quality language centre which provides provide proper Mandarin course for high level improvement. I asked for several hours to prepare my HSK 6, and I was not disappointed at all. I would recommend this school to anyone who wishes to learn or improve Chinese.”

Name: Criste Obaido

Country: Philippines

I have enjoyed studying and learning English here! The IELTS class helped me to get the IELTS score I needed to the enter the University. I loved ILC so much that I returned two summers after I studied here to volunteer as a mentor to students and assist in the program. The centre is safe and beautiful, close to Kuala Lumpur, and all the people are so nice and friendly that I feel comfortable and at home here.

Name: Delbar Farhang

Country: Iran

Studying at The Inter-Link Language Centre was one of the best experiences I had in years, as an English student. Classes ILC were exciting, interesting and above all, always based on a well structured educational framework that builds according to each students' specific needs. I should also say that my nephew, Felipe, who has just turned 18, had a great time in ILC and forward to contiue his English course and university here in Malaysia. My advice, for students of all ages, from any non English speaking country interested in learning or perfecting their English, would be: book your flight now and come to this blessed land, where warm hospitality and the magic of teaching will simply take over your hearts, just as it happened to mine!